instruction manual

Read this instruction manual entirely before using Aqua CoolKeeper™ for the first time, 
and above all, don’t let your Aqua CoolKeeper™ become too thick!

Protect yourself and your pet against overheating: Aqua CoolKeeper™ products with HydroQuartz™ keep people and animals cool all day long! Protect yourself against overheating: Aqua CoolKeeper™ products with HydroQuartz™ keep people cool all day long!

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Using Aqua CoolKeeper™ for the first time

First make sure that you have enough water to immerse the cooling product completely. 
Then remove the Aqua CoolKeeper™ product from the packaging and hold it underwater while you gently knead it every now and than.
Each product has its own maximum soaking time and maximum thickness, you can check it on the white sewing label that is sewn inside the product. 
It is indicated with the following signs;

The clock indicates the maximum amount of minutes to leave the product in the water when using it for the first time
The ruler indicates the maximum thickness the product should become when it is in the water

We have indicated the maximums here.


How quick your Aqua Coolkeeper will take up water can depend on the water quality and temperature! 
You can experiment with the thickness to find out what suits you best, but keep in mind that it does not take long to soak the product, but quite a bit longer to dry it out again!

When soaking, the product will expand and become soft and comfortable. 
Make sure when soaking your Aqua CoolKeeper™, it does not get too thick and heavy. 
Also keep in mind that the HydroQuartz™ in the product will also take up the remaining moisture from the outer layer of fabric, so that when it feels dry, it will be slightly thicker than when you first removed it from the water.

If you see that the HydroQuartz™ inside are all concentrated in 1 corner of the product, you can push them a bit apart, to equally divide them.

It is best to remove your Aqua CoolKeeper™ from the water once it has expanded no more than the maximum thickness as suggested in the sewing label. 
You can gently wring out your cooling product, but don’t squeeze too hard!

The larger cooling products can also be placed on the floor of your shower and be thoroughly soaked under the cold shower a few times. 
Let the product rest for about 15 minutes in between times, so that it has a chance to expand and take up the water.
Also make sure that the corners and edges of the product are soaked properly, and do not let the product become thicker than the maximum suggested thickness.

After soaking, place the wet product in a place where it can lie completely spread out for some time. 
The HydroQuartz™ inside the product will then soak up the moisture from the outer layer of fabric, after which your Aqua CoolKeeper™ will feel completely dry. 
This can take a few hours. 
If you place the product on a surface that does not stand up well to moisture (such as a parquet, laminate, a wooden floor, or a floor from a type of material that does not stand moisture well), simply lay two hand towels underneath the product. 
Always check if this is enough to absorb the moisture and otherwise, use more towels.
 The HydroQuartz™ in the product will always cause some condensation, which can than be absorbed by the towels.

It is normal that your Aqua CoolKeeper™ does not feel completely dry after soaking. 
However, there is no need to wait before using it. 
You can use it immediately, but if you do not like having the product damp you can lay it down to dry first.

For the best results, you can soak your Aqua CoolKeeper™ the night before you plan on using it and leave it to dry overnight. 
 This way the product will be completely dry the next morning, and filled with wonderfully cool HydroQuartz™. 
The product can be chilled extra in the refrigerator, but not in the freezing compartment or the freezer. 
Never use an Aqua CoolKeeper™ directly from the refrigerator on an animal, child or person unable to indicate whether they find it comfortable or not, and/or are not capable of removing the cooling product themselves!

Washing instructions

First let the product dry completely, and make sure it feels like it did when you first took it out of the packaging. The Aqua CoolKeeper™ is completely dry when the HydroQuartz™ in the product feel hard. 
It can take several days for the product to release all its moisture. 
You can use a mild handsoap, but preferably none at all, to quickly hand wash the product. Do not use any detergent or aggressive cleaning agents. These will damage the HydroQuartz™ and make them possibly lose their effect.
If you fill your Aqua CoolKeeper™ in the evening, you can also use warm water for this, and rinse and wash the Aqua CoolKeeper™ well with the warm water. The next morning your Aqua CoolKeeper™ will once again be nice and clean, cool and dry!

Instructions for getting the longest use out of your product

If you wish to store your Aqua CoolKeeper™, first make sure that it is completely dry, which could take several days.
You can dry the Aqua CoolKeeper™ faster by hanging it up outside in the breeze. Just make sure it is not going to rain!

Never store the Aqua CoolKeeper™ in a plastic bag or other plastic container if the Aqua CoolKeeper™ is still a little damp, as this can cause mould or odours. 
The Aqua CoolKeeper™ is completely dry when the HydroQuartz™ in the product feel hard.
If you hang the product in a place where enough fresh air can get to it, it will dry and then you can store it. If the product still contains moisture and it is not hung out to dry, but left folded, the moisture is not able to evaporate properly, which could lead to mould.
We do not give a product guarantee against the formation of mould. 

 It is easy to prevent mould by taking the following precautions:
•       If the product is lying on a surface, turn it every day
•       Do not allow the product to lie folded up for days in a row when it still contains moisture
•       Hang up the product when the weather is colder, and you are not using the product while it still contains moisture
•       Before you fold away and store the product, allow it to hang out to dry properly in a place with enough fresh air

The Aqua CoolKeeper™ cannot tolerate salt water, petrol, diesel, oily liquids, alcohol, bleach or chlorine. 
All these substances will damage Aqua Coolkeeper™.

Health and safety

This product is not suitable for consumption! 
All the materials in the Aqua CoolKeeper™ have been thoroughly tested in several renowned laboratories in Europe and the USA. 
These tests have not indicated any allergic reactions and have proven that the cooling HydroQuartz™ inside the Aqua CoolKeeper™ are non-toxic.

In the case of animals, young children, and persons who cannot decide for themselves about the proper use, Aqua CoolKeeper™ should only be used on them under strict adult supervision.
In the case of consumption of the contents of an Aqua CoolKeeper™, consult a doctor immediately and induce vomiting as quickly as possible. 
If the contents of an Aqua CoolKeeper™ have been consumed, the consumed cooling HydroQuartz™ will absorb a great deal of body fluid, which is very damaging to the health. 
You can always contact us with any concerns or questions, we will be happy to assist you.

You are always responsible for proper use of the Aqua CoolKeeper™ yourself!